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3/14/23, 2pm - Friday, 3/17, 4pm
8 LU

This 8-hour training is targeted toward building officials, beyond code program administrators, and others who are tasked with the approval of energy modeling submittals for performance-based compliance, as well as energy modelers for performing internal quality control. It covers strategies for performing effective and efficient reviews of modeling-based submittals including identifying the impactful building systems and components to help prioritize the review effort and the key review steps including the following:


checking submittals for completeness;


confirming that building systems and components shown in the Compliance Form reflect design documents;


validating that the configuration of the baseline (budget) design model is established correctly based on the applicable rules of ASHRAE 90.1 Section 11 or Appendix G;


establishing that, based on the simulation reports, the baseline (budget) and proposed designs were modeled as described in the Compliance Form;


and that the compliance outcome was established correctly based on the energy modeling results.


The training demonstrates how to effectively use the DOE/PNNL Compliance Form to perform submittal reviews and helps design teams and modelers establish internal quality control procedures to reduce the number of review iterations when submitting to above code programs or for code compliance.


The training includes examples based upon real life projects to illustrate how to apply review strategies and steps described in the DOE/PNNL Submittal Review Manual, use simulation reports to review energy models, and to communicate review comments to modelers and design teams. The training will also cover the additional review checks for projects following the NY Stretch Energy 2020.


Organized by
Karpman Consulting
3/14/23, 2pm - Friday, 3/17, 4pm
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