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11/18/21, 12:30am - 2am
8.5 LU

What makes our environments purposeful in our ever-shifting world? How do our spaces and practices generate durable and vibrant environments? Where do we go from here?

This past year has demanded rapid changes in social and spatial structures. We have discovered different ways to live and work, realigned priorities and found new ways to access spaces and cities. While we should continue to look to our historical successes and celebrate and defend our cities and cultures, the need to pivot and build for new resilience is a priority.

The conference will highlight projects whose innovative practices in space, education and technology exemplify resilience. Resilience is creating strength and durability in our built environments. Architects are the stewards. Their unique skill set, both technical and diverse, allows them to communicate among the various stakeholders and a wide range of disciplines to connect the dots—space, education, technology.

Space: The arrangement of the values and demands of society, culture, the natural environment, and governing bodies on our built environment—the communities, towns, and cities of our landscapes.

Education: What opens our eyes to all possibilities; the venue for research that then filters into all aspects of our lives.

Technology: The tool that unlocks the potential of a project by freeing stakeholders to manage relationships, communication and collaboration, promoting good governance, with stewardship and performance.

The impulse for good governance and changes is the mechanism with which stakeholders oversee their values and demands to be provided for in the project solution. Building diverse and collaborative teams can respond to unforeseen circumstances. It is the framework for exchange that defines the outcomes and benefits from projects and programs. Bridging territories between our cultural mosaic in Europe and the U.S. promotes global awareness and connectivity.

Organized by
AIA Continental Europe
11/18/21, 12:30am - 2am
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