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8/20/20, 12pm - 5pm
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Return to Workplace Masterclass: Guidelines for a Safe & Productive Workplace in the Immediate Return to Office

As organizations discuss their plans to return to the office following the COVID-19 lockdowns, employee safety, wellbeing and productivity is front of mind. Learn from leading experts and authors of industry return-to-work guidelines to gain the right insights to create a successful plan.

This is the first course in a two part Future Workplace series.

Enrollment Requirements
This course has been designed for professionals and some prior knowledge of the topic is required. If you’re unsure whether you qualify, email

Course Instructors
Nikki Greenberg, Founder at Real Estate of the Future (New York)
Guy Vardi, Chief Innovation Officer at Silverstein Properties (New York)
Todd Heiser, Co-Managing Director at Gensler (Chicago)
Cindy Coleman, Lead Strategist at Gensler (Chicago)
Jessica Wollmuth, Principal Climate Change Sustainability Service at Ernst & Young (Chicago)
Joshua Millman AIA, Vice President at Nutec Design and America Institute of Architects (AIA)

Objectives & Outcomes
1. Receive an overview of the current science and issues around COVID-19
2. Identify opportunities for adapting workplace design for optimal wellness and productivity
3. Be familiarized with guidelines and recommendations by leading industry bodies
4. Understand how to leverage data and Ai technology to optimize workplace safety and team productivity
5. Learn how to prepare your organization for the immediate return to work and develop a strategic vision that will enable it to bounce back stronger in the long run
6. Receive feedback from industry experts on how to address your most pressing business challenges

* Module 1: How COVID-19 is understood to spread and the latest science around mitigating its spread by Nikki Greenberg (Real Estate of the Future)
* Module 2: Considerations for designing a safe return-to-workplace policy by by Jessica Wollmuth (EY)
* Module 3: American Institute of Architects (AIA) Guidelines for meeting requirements to prevent the COVID-19 spread in workplaces
by Joshua Millman AIA (American Institute of Architects)
* Module 4: Case studies of post-COVID safe & productive workplace operations by Todd Heiser & Cindy Coleman (Gensler)
* Module 5: Leveraging data and technology to optimize spacial planning for safety & productivity by Guy Vardi (Silverstein)

The Live Course is designed to be interactive amongst students and lecturers. The course will open with a ‘cameras on’ introduction to all course participants where they can outline their reasons for attending the course and the challenge they are looking to solve.

This course will be delivered live online using a video conferencing platform. Each module will consist of a lecture followed by an interactive tutorial where student can ask questions of the lecturers and discuss the topic.

Following the last lecture, students are invited to stay on the platform to continue the discussion with their peers.

Half day. Breaks will be provided between modules.

Resources & Readings
Students will be provided the reading list prior to commencement of the course.

Homework & Assignments
There is no homework or assignments for this course. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the resources and readings.

Students who attend the full course will be provided a Certificate of Completion for the course.

While the content of this course is delivered in good faith, the course provides general advise and both course creator and course lecturers take no responsibility for the accuracy of its content, especially as it pertains to safety. We strongly advise that you attain independent professional advice. The course will be recorded and we ask that you do not disclose sensitive or confidential information. If you do not want to be recorded, contact

Organized by
American PropTech Academy
8/20/20, 12pm - 5pm
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